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•What is important in a beginner's piano?

People often tell me that their child has started piano lessons and that they've bought an old piano for some small sum, or even just for the cost of moving. Since they don't know if their child's interest level will sustain, they don't want to invest a lot of money.

But what parents don't often realize is that the old Klunker & Sons upright they've bought, while seemingly enjoyable at first, may become a hindrance to that enjoyment as the child progresses. The young player will soon notice that the beautiful music s/he can produce on the teacher's piano is an impossibility on the home piano and the child becomes discouraged.

Since repairing a very old instrument would likely be a bad investment, it would be better to stretch the budget a little and get a newer one, of better quality and needing fewer or no repairs. Furthermore, since that junker bought to suffice "temporarily" is not likely to be replaced anytime soon, it would be advisable instead to get something which the student can "grow into".

For a more in depth discussion on this topic, refer to The Piano Book, by Larry Fin