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Santa Cruz, CA


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Do we buy or sell pianos?

We do not buy or sell pianos, but we keep a fairly current list of people looking for or selling pianos. Call if you would like to be added to the list, or to see if we have information about what you are looking for.

We recommend you look at the Piano Store in Capitola.

There are many pitfalls for the buyer of a new or used piano, and I strongly urge reading Larry Fine's The Piano Book which has authoritative, up-to-date information and advice for buyers and owners. We have copies for sale, and it is available in Santa Cruz Libraries.

Also we have developed a Buyers Checklist to help weed out unpromising pianos.

When choosing a new piano from a dealer, be sure to note the serial number inside the one you want to buy. That way you will know you got the piano you chose in the store.